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8 Common Causes of a Clogged Drain

Blocked pipes and clogged drains start as minor issues in household and escalate into major problems. A clogged drain causes corrosion, slow water flow from drains, and flooding. In the worst cases, it can lead to costly repairs and sewage backup.

There are steps to prevent this from happening but understanding the main cause behind the clogging is the first major issue. Below the article enlists eight common clogged drain problems faced by people in their kitchens and bathrooms.

8 Major Reason that’s Causing Your Drain to Clog

Before calling up for a plumber to fix your drain clogs be careful to look for a few things in your drain. The stuff that tries to escape through your pipes might be the major reason that could have to cause the clogging.

They are explained below:

8. Hair

The major reason that can cause a drainpipe to clog is hair. Hair binds with the grease and other sticky substances in the kitchen and bathrooms to form a clog.

Hair clog
Hair clog in a bathroom sink

The only way to stop the hairs from your body coagulating in the drain is to prevent them from occurring. For these cover all the drains with guards and clear them out regularly.

7. Soap

The traditional soap bars are ladened with grease or fat, a significant reason for clog. The fat ingredient from the soap mixes with the minerals present in water and leaves behind a hard residue commonly known as soap scum.

The sum stains the clog pipes and bath fitting, causing the drains to block. It can be resolved by switching to soap-free dish washes and pressure cleaning the pipes to removes soap buildup.

6. Dirt

Although the main purpose of a drain is to let go off the wastes in the sink or bathroom, that’s not always the case. While you are trying to get the dirt off your clothes, it can buildup and cause troubles in your pipes.

It is always advisable to mud off and shake or rinse off the dirt outside the sink, before washing the clothes inside.

5. Food Wastes

A common problem that occurs in every household is the clogging of the kitchen sinks, and the culprit behind it is the food waste.

Food wastes
Food wastes in a kitchen sink

Its should never flow down the drain even if a garbage disposal is present in the sink. Tea leaves and coffee grounds don’t break down and get stuck.

Other food wastes to look out for in the sink include oil and grease. Use a paper towel to absorb the oil off the foods and throw it in a compost pile.

4. Mineral Clog Up

Minerals from different household material dissolve with hard water from the tap and cause an insoluble mass that blocks the pipes.

For this, you can always use a water softener at home, and if that isn’t available, you’ll need to remove sediments from building up and descale regularly.

Mineral clogs are hard to get rid off once they start accumulating and might require professional attention.

3. Small Objects

Other major culprits for drain clogs and plumbing issues are small objects which find their way through the drain. Anything besides water, human waste, toilet paper going down the toilet pipes can cause a significant upset in the drainage system of the house.

Objects other than those mentioned above should be disposed of in trash cans, composts, or recycled. If any foreign matter gets into the plumbing system, it is best to seek for a plumber.

2. Toilet Paper Coagulation

Excessive use of toilet paper causes clogs and stops the toilets from flushing. If water is draining through your toilet pipes when flushed, then you can always use toilet plunger to get rid of the accumulated toilet paper waste.

Toilet plunger
Unclogging a toilet

But if the toilet keeps filling up instead of draining then call a plumber.

1. Roots of Trees

Leaks or cracks in pipes laid underground attract tree root growth which once the pipe can cause a significant upset in the whole drainage system of the apartment.

The roots tend to grow faster-causing obstruction in water flow and ultimately pipe damage.

Clearing roots from pipes requires pressure jet cleaning, excavation, trenchless repair, and several other complex processes.

The first step is to know the root structure of the plants and roots around the house, locate the area of damage and monitor the condition of the drains to save the risk of an expensive repair.

With the rising clogged drains problems in bathrooms and kitchens regularly, the only way to fix them is to avoid ways to have the pipes clogged.

Never let any objects drain down your sink that shouldn’t and avoid using harmful chemicals and objects. Further if in case of emergency, please visit

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