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8 Easy Steps to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain

Before considering hiring an expert professional plumber for your clogged shower drain, it is always advisable to try fixing them yourselves. Numerous shower drain problems, clogging, and other plumbing difficulties can be resolved by using simple, easy steps.

Once the problem’s solved there are few likely chances for it occur again. Below the article summarises eight easy steps to clear a clogged shower drain.

8 Easy Steps to Clear a Clogging Shower Drain

There are several steps in which one can personally unclog a shower drain. The problem might have been caused by hair getting hair inside the drain or smaller objects, etc.

Some easy ways to get rid of the coagulation in your shower drain are:

8. Pour Hot Water down the Shower Drain

The first step to remove the residue forming in the pipe is to pour hot boiling water down the drain and clear the blockade.

Steps to Unclog Shower Drain with Hot Water

  • Boil water on a stove or an electric heater,
  • Pour the water down the shower drain, and
  • Try using a funnel while pouring the water.

Hot water may not remove all the grease and hair in case of a severe blockage but may open up a few gaps and may completely be removed in addition to the other steps.

7. Use Vinegar or Baking Soda from the Kitchen

This homemade solution is the best alternative to using chemicals in the household.

Use Baking Soda from Kitchen
Use Baking Soda from Kitchen

How to use Vinegar and Baking Soda?

  • Pour a cup of vinegar through the shower drain,
  • Wait for a few minutes,
  • Pour a cup of baking soda in the drain,
  • Wait to see if the clogged hair in the pipes gets dissolved, and
  • Clear out the drainage system by pouring hot water through it.

Although this natural homemade remedy is advisable and won’t do damage to the plumbing, you may still have to use chemicals.

6. Remove the Drain Cover and Pull Out Clog Manually

This method can help clear the residue formation and clog, but you might have to use your hand, so wear rubber gloves.

Unclogging the Bathroom drain with Hands

  • First, remove the drain cover,
  • Some drain covers have screw amidst them which might need to be loosened up,
  • Check the drain for the clog formation,
  • If the residue is within reach, use your hand or else use a hook to pull out the clog.

It’s effective in fixing minor clogs caused by the hair but can’t help remove the obstruction caused by a mineral build-up. In that case, use chemicals.

5. Use a Hook

Its oldest method in the book to clear a clogged shower drain with a high success rate.

Using a Hook to Clear a Drain

  • In case you can’t reach the blockage with your hand, then try pulling it out using a wire or a hook, and
  • ¬†Improvise a coat hanger or any other available tool, making it look like a hook.

This step doesn’t’ work in case of mineral coagulation in the drainage system.

4. Use a Toilet Jack or an Electric Eel (Plumber’s Snake)

Another cheap and DIY step in fixing blockage in the shower drains using a plumber’s snake. This tool is slender, and flexible auger generally used to dislodge clogs in the pipes.

How to use a Toilet Jack?

  • Shove the plumber’s snake down the drain until you hit the clog,
  • Turn the handle and pull it back, and
  • Run boiling water or regular water to check the drain.

However, if the obstruction is caused by tree roots than using just an electric eel isn’t enough to remove the clog.

3. Use of Toilet Chemicals

Usually, most supermarkets and hardware stores sell very strong chemicals which are effective in opening up a clog.

Chemicals to clear Shower Drain Clogs
Chemicals to clear Shower Drain Clogs

Unclogging Drain with toxic Chemicals:

  • Read the instructions in the package of the chemical and make sure to use just enough,
  • Always wear glasses and gloves while using chemicals,
  • Don’t mix the chemicals, as it may emit poisonous gases, and
  • Pour the chemicals down the shower drain.

Always consider before using chemicals as it may also cause serious to your plumbings system in the bathroom. However, their use may lead to easy and quick removal of the residue.

2. Try Using a Plunger

A plunger can be used to remove the clog, but it only works in case of minor blockage. Plunging might not be effective in case of deep clogs made with hair.

How to Unclog a Drain using a Toilet Plunger?

  • First, apply petroleum jelly to the edge of the suction of the plunger to get a better seal,
  • Pour water into the shower drain, so the plunger is underwater, and
  • Plunge with all the force.

Despite the effort, this step is quite unlikely to work in case of a shower drain, but the cost is minimal and time-efficient.

1. Call a Plumber

The last and the final step is always to call a professional for fixing your toiletry problems.

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