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Flushometer Problems And Troubleshooting

Flushometers are plumbing devices which are used in toilets which are tankless and depend on the water pressure from the water source itself. Toilets with flushometers are commonly seen in public restrooms and places of business.

When the flushometer is activated it releases a sufficient amount of water into the toilet, then closes back up. The single flush wastes less water per flush than the simple tank system because it uses the low volume of water with high pressure. Therefore it does not require a tank and no refilling time between the flushes.

Here Are Some Of The Flushometer Problems and Troubleshooting Tips:

Flushometer Does Not Function

If flushometer does not function then it may be due to the closing of the main valve or when the handle assembly and relief valve worn out. For the solution, you can open the control valve or main valve, install Sloan Handle Repair Kit(B-51-A) or replace the inside parts kit.

Insufficient Volume of Water To Adequately Siphon Fixture

The major causes for the insufficient volume of water to adequately siphon fixture are controlled stop not open enough, urinal flushometer parts inside the closet flushometer, low consumption flushometer installed on a non-low consumption fixture, water saver kit installed in old, non-water saver bowl and inadequate volume or pressure at supply. These causes should be minimized and solved as far as possible.

The possible solutions for the insufficient volume of water to adequately siphon fixture are adjust control stop for the desired delivery of water, replace inside urinal parts with the proper closet flushometer parts, and replace A-41-A inside parts kit with A-38-A water saver kit. If no gauges are used for measuring the supply pressure then remove the relief valve from an inside parts kit.

Flushometer Closes off immediately

The causes for the closing of flushometer immediately are ruptured or damaged diaphragm and enlarged by-pass orifice from the corrosion or damage. The possible solution can be installing inside parts kit to correct the problems and flushometer.

Length of The Flush Is Too Short

The major problems related to the short flush are diaphragm assembly and guide assembly are not hand tight, enlarged by-pass orifice from corrosion or damage, A-19-AU urinal relief valve in closet flushometer, A-41-A low consumption kit installed in non-low consumption fixture and handle assembly is worn. These problems need to be eradicated in order to have good flushometer at home.

To avoid the short flush screw the two assemblies hand tight, install new inside parts kit to correct the problem and update flushometer, replace Relief Valve with A-19-AC Closet Relief Valve, replace with proper inside parts kit and install Handle Repair Kit B-51-A or replace the Handle. It is necessary to avoid the problems of short flushing at home.

Length of Flush Is Too Long or Falls to Close Off

The causes for long flushing are Relief Valve (A-19-A) is not seating properly or by-pass orifice is closed because of foreign materials, line pressure has dropped and is not sufficient to force Relief Valve to a seat, A-19-AC Closet Relief Valve has been used in a 1 gpf urinal and inside cover is cracked or damaged. These are the major problems related to the long flushing in toilets.

The long flushing can be treated properly with the guidelines like disassemble the working parts and wash thoroughly, shut off all control stops until the pressure has been restored, then open them again, replace with A-19-AU Relief Valve and replace the inside cover (A-71). The problems should be immediately solved for the proper working of the flushometer.

Chattering Noise in the Flushometer

There will be chattering noise in the flushometer if there is A-156-A Segment Diaphragm has been installed upside-down and the Inside Cover has become distorted from wear, freezing or abuse. These can be solved by replacing the Segment Diaphragm to the proper position as instructed by markings on the Diaphragm and by replacing the Inside Cover.

Leaking at Handle Assembly

There is leaking at Handle Assembly if the B-39 seal is worn or deteriorated, Handle gasket has been omitted and the Valve Handle Bushing is worn. The possible solutions for the causes are install new B-39 seal, install A-31 Handle Gasket or Sloan Handle Repair Kit (B-51-A) and install Sloan Handle Repair Kit (B-51-A).

It is advised not to use the chemical cleaners to clean the flushometer because they can attack the special decorative finishes and only use the soap and water to clean and use the clean cloth to make it dry.

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