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7 Easy Ways To Detect Water Leak And Fix It

Water leaks will go unnoticed until and unless you receive an unexpected water bill in your home. Are you suffering from the same water leakage problem at your house? iCare has a team of experts who will detect the water leakage and will solve your issues by fixing it.

Research has said that on average 10% of homes have leaks. Worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and other leaking valves are the major causes of water leaks in your home.  Water leak detection methods can be used to find the water leak in your house.

7 Easy Ways To Detect Water Leak And Fix It Are As Follows:

1. Check Your Water Meter

One of the best possible ways to identify the water leakage in your home is by checking the water meter. For this, you have to turn off all the water of your home. Shut off the faucets and turn off washing machines, dishwashers and other water requiring appliances. After this, look at the water meter, whether it is changing or not. If it does, then there is leakage and if it doesn’t change then wait for few hours and notice any changes. If the water meter is changing, then be sure that you have water leakages in your home.

2. See Your Water Usage

U.S Environmental Protection Agency tells that if you are using more than 12,000 gallons of water per month, then there may be a severe leak in your plumbing. The water consumption determines the requirement in the house, and if it is more than the average, then there must be leakages which you must eradicate for having the right water bill in your home.

3. Check Your Water Bill

Gather the water bill from the previous months and compare them. If there is consistency in the water bill, then don’t worry about the leakages but if the bill amount is increasing rapidly then think that there is water leakage in your home. There may be some water pipes which are underground and are not noticeable. For this, the expert plumbers can fix the issues, and we are no doubt ready for your services.

4. Use Food Colouring

Research says that the toilet uses up to 30 per cent of the total water of your home. To test whether there is water leakage in your home or not, add few drops of food colours in the tank of your toilet and wait for few minutes, if you see colour in the bowl of your toilet then there must be water leakage from the bathroom.

5. Monitor The External Usages

It is advised to check the spigots, hoses and irrigation system outside your home. Just a small leak can waste 6,300 gallons of wastewater per month.  You must consider calling the professionals to fix the problems which can replace the rubber hose gasket and make the connections tight.

6. Use Your Common Sense

Make habits of regularly checking the back of cabinets and under basins for any signs of mould or foul smells which indicate the water leak in your home. Immediate attention can save thousands for repairs. The holes can be underground, inside the wall and the call the professionals who can deliver the prompt, efficient services at affordable packages.

7. Keep Your Home Leak-Free

Repair dripping faucets, toilet flappers, and showerheads to keep the home leak-free. In many cases, the replacement of the fixtures doesn’t require enough investment. Check the leaking faucets, leaking toilet, leaking overflow tube, flush handle issues and underground leaks to have free leakages in your home.

How To Find A Water Leak Inside A Wall?

You cannot avoid the following considerations while finding the leaks inside the wall of your house.

  • Look for standing puddles of water near the wall.
  • Look for the discolouration on a wall.
  • Observe the walls for a change in texture.
  • Monitor the signs of mould or mildew.
  • Check any musty smells.
  • Check if there are any dripping sounds.
  • Look on your water bill.
  • Be sure that the leak is from the defective plumbing.
  • Observe the clogged eaves and downspouts.
  • Monitor the holes in foundation walls.

How To Find A Water Leak Underground?

The two main places where the water leak occurs are in the main service line between the water meter and home shutoff valve and in your irrigation system. You can contact iCare Plumbing for leak detection and fixation underground. The leak detection experts from iCare Plumbing will find the water leak and fix the issues at the same time.

iCare Plumbing For Water Leak Detection And Fixation

The plumbers from iCare have years of experience in water leak detection and fixation. We have gained the trust of the thousands of satisfied customers. We have been using modern tools and equipment in the field of water leak detection, and our experts can fix all kind of water leaks.

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