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Clogged and Blocked Sinks

How do sinks get clogged and blocked?

Clogged and blocked sinks are a very common issue for any household or commercial space. Cooking oil, food scraps, soap, and other foreign objects can cause the sink to be blocked. These situations not only causes an inconvenience, but health hazards as well.

You can prevent a blocked sink by implementing a variety of methods in your home such as using a chemical drain cleaner or very hot water down the drain to soften the blockage. Grease and oil being poured down the drain can also solidify and cause the drain to get blocked over time, so preventing this from occurring is also key.

How iCare Plumbing can help?

If however, hot water and chemical drain cleaners don’t work for you, iCare Plumbing are here. Our team can provide you with a prompt response along with an upfront quotation at an affordable price.

We use modern tools and equipment to diagnose and resolve your blocked drains. When we arrive on site our vehicles will already be stocked with special trade chemicals, high pressure jet blasters, electric eels and CCTV cameras, therefore it doesn’t matter how deep in the pipe the problem is, we can get it done.

From simple to complex issues, we provide custom solutions to all of your unique problems. At iCare Plumbing, we pride ourselves on the excellent service we delivered to our esteemed clients all over Sydney. Get service from our experts for your blocked and clogged sinks.

Why choose iCare Plumbing?

iCare Plumbing are Sydney’s most trusted and reliable residential and commercial plumbers. We can provide blocked sink services at affordable prices. From simple to complex issues, we provide custom solutions to all of your unique problems.

Our plumbers will always arrive on time, provide upfront pricing and ensure problems are fixed efficiently.

Call us now to schedule an inspection and on-the-spot quotation.

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