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Five Signs You Need A Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, if not, the most important. It’s a place where you can spend time preparing a perfect intimate meal with your other half and loved ones, at the end of a long day, chucking a quick meal in the oven or somewhere to enjoy family time, preparing a large dish or baking treats. 

Below we have a list of five signs that might indicate a homeowner for his/hers need to get a kitchen renovation.

Outdated Kitchen Cabinets

If your rusty, rundown cabinets make your kitchen feels outdated, you’re not alone. The alternative is to eliminate them, but it is not in everyone’s budget for a full design remodel.

Cabinet refacing is the best way to offer a a fresh look to the old kitchen, without breaking the budget. It is easy to switch out doors and drawer fronts, allowing you access to a whole new world of styles of wood, designs, and accessories.

Inefficient Floor Planning

Have a soft spot for your current configuration, but know that more focus is needed? Cabinet refinishing may be enough for a real time and money-saver to return your present kitchen to its original glory. 

In a single day, professional washing and re-staining will usually be done!The best chance to turn your floor plan upside down is a kitchen remodel. 

Consultants in architecture will help you create a room that automatically blends as you walkabout. Function, after all, is just as meaningful as form!

Wasted Kitchen Space

A cabinet setup that doesn’t stretch to the ceiling is one thing we’ll find in many houses, leaving a foot or so of space on top. 

There are a couple of good ways to retake the area. To bind it all together, you could add expanded cabinets with increased storage space, and some decorative crown moulding.

Or connect a stylish galley rail upstairs for an even more straightforward repair. This makes a perfect room for ornamental plants, pots, knick-knacks whatever fits your style!

Another common condition, especially in older homes? Separate rooms in which to cook and dine. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this, in contemporary kitchen architecture, an open and integrated floor plan is always desired. 

Why not cut the separate wall if you’re considering your dining room to be underused?

Insufficient Kitchen Storage Space

The fact that kitchens lack storage space is a frequent criticism from homeowners. There is still potential to improve with many replacements, including modern shelves, pull-out pantries, wall-mounted pot racks, and drawers tucked into kitchen islands.

Also, successful kitchen architecture is about making the most effective use of the space accessible. That may involve finding a new place to store canned bulk foods, cleaning products, and appliances that are barely used. 

It should usually be stored somewhere else if it’s not a part of the everyday meal planning.

Poor Ventilation

Kitchens mean cooking, and cooking means lots of flavours of steam, smoke, and food in the breeze. Make sure you have a powerful ventilation system, one that leaves your kitchen smelling fresh and looking tidy.

Instead of venting it outside, some cheaper, low-quality hoods can re-circulate polluted air. 

This will produce a constant undesirable scent in the room, and gradually the airborne particles of grime can settle on your walls, cabinets, and floor, certainly something to avoid!

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