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Plumber Elizabeth Bay 

For emergency plumbing services, phone us now at 1300 188 818 for a fast service. The iCare Plumbing team will get there right away whether you’re at or somewhere near Billyard Ave, Onslow Ave, Ithaca Rd or Amos Ln. 

Plumber Elizabeth Bay 24/7 

Customers in Eastern Suburbs always count on us when it comes to: 

  • Clogged and blocked drains and sinks 
  • Toilet repairs 
  • Burst pipes and water leaks 
  • Emergency pipe freezing 
  • Blocked toilets 
  • Gas leaks 
  • Burst/faulty electric and gas hot water systems 
  • Leaking/dripping taps 
  • Roof leaks 
  • Stormwater blockages 
  • Strata emergencies 
  • Fire safety services 

24/7 emergency plumbing service 

Whether it’s a weekend or middle of the night, you can always count on us to get the job done. We’ll fix the burst pipe, unblock the drain or get your hot water system working again. One of our plumbers will get there right away, solve the problem and clean up the mess. We’ll immediately take care of the problem so you can go back to your sleep or work. 

Residential and commercial plumbing Elizabeth Bay 

We solve all kinds of problems in residential, commercial, strata and industrial plumbing. Our team already has experience in handling large projects. Over the years, we’ve been able to fix a wide variety of plumbing issues. Over those years, our customers have been pleased with our prompt action and neat results whenever it’s about the following: 

  • Repairs and replacement of taps and mixers 
  • Repair and replacement of pipes 
  • Residential and commercial work 
  • Bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations 
  • Blocked drains and repairs 
  • Repair and replacement of valves 
  • Repair and replacement of pumps 
  • Strata maintenance 
  • Roof maintenance 
  • Gas installations and repairs 
  • Stormwater installations and repairs 

It’s a full comprehensive service and we handle all types of plumbing jobs no matter how big or small. For emergency repairs, we usually get it done within the day so our customers can immediately get back to sleep or resume with their work or business. 

Phone us now for a fast plumbing service. You’ll benefit from our immediate response and years of experience in the field. Rest assured we’ll completely fix the leak, unblock the drain or solve your hot water problem. 

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