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If you require a clean and professional plumbing service, phone us now at 1300 188 818 and we’ll quickly take care of the clog or leak. The iCare Plumbing team will attend to the problem right away and ensure a neat and excellent outcome. 

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A small leak or a solid clog can quickly cause unsightly and expensive damages on your walls, floors and ceilings. It’s critical to act quickly to prevent it from getting worse and causing further damage to your home or building.

Let our team take care of the leak or clog if you require a timely and straightforward service. We use powerful tools to completely remove the clogs and take the appropriate measures when dealing with leaks and other plumbing issues. You’ll benefit from our years of experience in handling both commercial and residential requests.

We’re always quick and responsive about the following:
  • Clogged drains and sinks
  • Burst pipes and water leaks
  • Leaking/dripping taps
  • Gas leaks
  • Toilet repairs
  • Emergency pipe freezing
  • Burst/faulty electric and gas hot water systems
  • Roof leaks
  • Stormwater blockages
  • Strata emergencies
  • Fire safety services

We always keep it neat and we’re always careful whenever we’re working in the customers’ premises. This way, everything will remain clean and after doing our job, it will look like everything’s back to normal because the problem’s already been dealt with.

Residential and commercial plumbing Queens Park

We always work quickly in the premises and solve the problem to minimise the downtime and inconvenience. Right away we can get there whether you’re near Ashton St, Rawson Ave, Alt St, Stanley Ln, Bourke St or Edmund St. We promptly service the entire Queens Park and eastern suburbs and we always have a team ready to attend to your request.

Phone us now at 1300 188 818 if you require a fast plumbing service and a neat result. We’ll efficiently get the job done and leave the premises clean and almost dry.

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