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Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Fix Yourself

Common Plumbing Problems- Time to Call Plumbing Experts

Faulty toilets, clogged sinks, water heater malfunctions, frozen valves, and everything else hidden beneath, in wall cavities, roofs, or basements are examples of plumbing issues that can never be treated by novice, untrained hands.

If you attempt to tackle those issues on your own, you could end up with a slew of problems that drain your bank account and cause your home to lose value. If you try to repair a misdiagnosed drain problem yourself, you could end up with floods or even more costly losses, while a mishandled heating system problem could result in a fire that your insurance won’t cover.

We have listed five problems that only a plumber should fix.

Frozen Pipes

Every year, frozen pipes will cost hundreds of dollars in plumbing repairs. You can be vulnerable to burst or leaky pipes if you fail to drain your pipes whilst on holiday.

You should wait for your pipes to thaw if you know the temperature will quickly increase after a cooler night. Bear in mind though, the pipes that freeze and thaw often are more capable of damaging and burst.

Stay ahead of the problem by notifying a professional plumber if you detect a leak. Rather than attempting to accomplish this job on your own, a specialist can fix any plumbing problem, ensuring that it’s permanently fixed.

Water Line Damage

Your whole water line is likely to be in jeopardy if your pipes have recently been broken. Rather than remedy the problem yourself and possibly waste your time and resources, contact a specialist for help and prevent costly fixes down the road.

Significant water line loss is just too high for a do-it-yourself initiative. In this scenario, contacting a plumber after finding significant water line damage is critical. Keep on top of this dilemma to prevent costly maintenance down the track!

New Water Heater

If you’ve just bought a new water heater, fight the desire to mount it yourself. Installing an electric water heater requires 240 volts of power, which can be incredibly dangerous or lethal if performed wrong. If a gas heater is mounted improperly, it will result in unwelcome gas leaks.

Insist on getting the freshwater heater installed by a plumber. A qualified professional can perform the mission in a clean, reliable, and timely manner. This will in turn save you time as well as possible health and property harm.

Low Water Pressure

If not tackled correctly, this seemingly minor issue will turn into a big problem down the line. It’s tempting to try to fix the issue yourself, particularly if your showers are getting intolerable due to low water pressure. However, a combination of plumbing problems may be to blame for the low pressure.

A plumbing problem concerning the water pressure should be treated by a specialist, whether it’s a broken drain, a secret leak, or something more serious. Have an appointment with a plumber to come to your house. They will measure the water pressure in your home and decide the best course of action for restoring natural water pressure.


Make sure you employ a contractor to do your plumbing repairs, whether you’re remodelling the whole house or just a space. A skilled plumber should maintain the new appliances’ precise measurements to ensure a smooth operation, eliminating any potential complications created by shoddy service.

Although it might sound enticing to try to repair any plumbing problems in your home yourself, stay away from any DIY plumbing ventures. You’ll escape the headache of more plumbing problems caused by incorrect plumbing work.

At iCare Plumbing, we offer our customers exceptional plumbing services at reasonable prices, followed by guaranteed customer satisfaction. Sit back and let us do the work.

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