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Why Should You Hire a Gas Plumber for Natural Gas Lines?

Because, if not correctly designed, pipes carrying natural gas are potentially more hazardous than water pipes. It makes sense to select an experienced natural gas plumber to operate at your house.

A natural gas plumber, through the Plumbing Commission, is usually a licensed plumbing contractor. Natural gas plumbers are not usually plumbers for journeymen and certainly not plumbers for apprentices who have to work under supervision.

Any thoughts on gas fitting (gas plumbing) should be reconsidered immediately as a DIY idea. Proceeding without preparation will endanger your safety, along with the protection of your family (and maybe even the security of your neighbours).

Advantages of Hiring a Gas Plumber

There are several advantages to hiring a gas plumbing expert. They are:

  • Safely manage your natural gas project
  • Ensure the proper installation and safe running of your natural gas-powered appliances
  • To do the coding job and pass building inspections
  • Provide exemplary client support and stand behind our work

When Do You Need to Hire a Gas Plumber?

Many projects in your home need a licensed gas fitter’s advanced training and experience. Installing, expanding, and fixing natural gas pipes and installing related equipment is the responsibility of a natural gas plumber. 

A plumber of natural gas is qualified to operate gas lines for:

  • Water Heaters
  • Stoves
  • Clothes Dyers
  • Outdoor Grills
  • Furnaces and HVAC systems
  • Gas Leak Repairs
  • Hot Tubs
  • Fireplaces
  • And many more

As homeowners can observe from the above list, in virtually every room in your house, and on your patio or deck area outside, natural gas plumbers can work on projects. 

For more significant ventures, you may require a gas plumber as well. A gas fitter will instruct you on the right way to re-route the gas piping, then mount the new device if you are planning on safely powering your appliances:

  • Construction of an extension to your house that uses gas heating
  • Converting the gas fireplace
  • Remodelling the laundry room and/or relocating it
  • Or widening the kitchen.

Difference Between a Gas Plumber and a Gas-Fitter

Any gas-fitting services, such as disconnection, installation, repair and restoration of all gas pipes and fittings, can be offered by trained and licensed plumbers in Australia (including their water pipe/drainage/sewerage duties).

No plumbing work may be performed by a person strictly trained as a gas-fitter, but they are licensed to work on gas systems. This includes wall ovens, cooktops, gas BBQs, upright cookers and bayonet points being repaired, maintained and mounted. They are able to switch BBQs to natural gas as well.

Many traders would prefer to start an apprenticeship in plumbing and then take the requisite courses to specialise in gas fitting. As an option, some complete a mixed apprenticeship in plumbing and gas-fitting. There are various career paths available, based on your interests and current experience.

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