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Bathroom Renovation: Cost, Duration & Ideas

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? We have gathered a list of information and ideas that will guide you through your bathroom renovation plans.

In this article, we talk about costs involved in bathroom renovations, the budget you should set aside, materials you should use and avoid while flooring, and ideas on the renovation. We’ll also talk about the size of your bathroom; bog or small.

How much should you spend on a bathroom renovation?

A bathroom refurbishing could cost you somewhere between $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the size of your bathroom.

According to some plumbing services in Australia, the cost of renovating your entire bathroom can cost somewhere between $17,000 – $18,000.

Many factors can affect your renovation budget such as:

  • the size of the bathroom
  • materials used in the bathroom
  • fittings you choose
  • labour cost
  • permit costs (if required)

What is the cheapest way to renovate a bathroom?

Renovating a bathroom can vary depending on your taste and the materials you use. Cutting down on some of your likings can help you reduce your expenses and refurbish the restroom in the cheapest way possible.

Also, we have listed a few points for you to look into, which can help you stay within your budget.

They are:

  1. Using cheaper lookalike materials
  2. Painting wooden floors
  3. Refinishing a bathtub instead of completely replacing them, or give it a slight touch up
  4. Installing new sink faucets in the bathroom
  5. Installing pre-fabricated showers
  6. Installing the toilet commode, bathroom vanity, wainscot, and top, on your own
  7. Painting the restroom by yourself
  8. Resist moving major plumbing
  9. Designing the bathroom
  10. Do some plumbing on your own

What is the most expensive part of a bathroom renovation?

Probably the most costly part of remodelling your bathroom is the plumbing and tile works. However, other areas in your bathroom would be expensive to redecorate.

Moving walls of your toilet can be expensive as it involves making space for a bigger bathroom, or sometimes relocating the entire restroom. This process requires labour to tear off the walls and reframing, which makes it expensive.

Tile installation can also expensive as it involves removing the existing tile and installing a new one. In addition to the demolition cost, the cost of repairing is also present.

Tiles used in Bathrooms
Tiles used in Bathrooms

Although the wood-framed floor is cheaper, installing concrete and tile floors are less expensive.

Bathroom renovating also means remodelling faucets, shower valves, bathtub, toilet, and many others. The price of these items varies depending on the materials.

How long does a Bathroom Renovation take?

Renovating an existing bathroom usually takes about 20-23 days. There is a lot of work involved while renovating a bathroom like demolition, carpentry, plumbing, inspection, electrical fitting, insulation, and many others, which are time consuming.

Also, the duration of renovating is determined by many factors like:

  • Is the remodelling just a cosmetic remodel or the entire bathroom?
  • Are you hiring a contractor, or is it your DIY project? In most cases, doing it all by yourself will take the owner to complete his restroom in a year.
  • Are you hiring a private contractor who handles his operators or is he sub-contracting carpenters, plumbers, and electricians? Working with an agent who handles all operator is the cheapest and least time-consuming way to go.
  • Are the bathroom materials easily available or they have a special delivery which might take days?

What is the best flooring for a bathroom?

The first thing to look for while choosing tiles for your bathroom floors is whether the material will sustain under stress. Stressful events usually involve bathroom flooding.

Some of the materials used for flooring bathrooms are:

  • Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles: It’s one of the best material used while flooring your bathroom. The tiles are waterproof, cost-effective and at the same time, stylish.
  • Vinyl Flooring (Tile, Plank, or Sheet): Vinyl looks good on your floors and is extremely practical. It is 100% waterproof, cost effective, and can be easily installed and removed.
Vinyl flooring in Bathrooms
Vinyl flooring in Bathrooms
  • Natural Stone: It’s a perfect choice for a bathroom but only if you have the budget for it. As we all know, stone is durable and can be resold later at an excellent price.
  • Engineered Wood: This type of wood is relatively better than solid wood that absorbs moisture. It would be the best choice for flooring your restroom if you want an authentic look on your bathroom floors. The material is dimensionally stable and absorbs less moisture.
  • Laminate Flooring: Laminate flooring is better than solid wood and looks good as it has a photograph of anything that you desire. On top of the picture is a clear coating which is known as the wear layer, which keeps the materials safe from corrosion. It is quite easy to install and cheaper than other materials.

We have listed the materials that you should avoid while flooring your bathroom, and they are:

  • wall-to-wall carpeting
  • solid hardwood

How much does it cost to renovate a small bathroom?

For renovating a small bathroom, people should not be spending more than $10,000. One should go for the budget cost, which lies between $5,000 to $10,000.

A smaller bathroom would require less equipment and also the materials used would fit within their budget. However, abiding by this cost would involve compromising with specific plumbing and electrical features.

After choosing this plan, you need to lay large format porcelain tiles which costs about $30 per square.

What is an estimated budget of bathroom renovations?

According to HiPages, one can breakdown the cost of remodelling your restroom into three categories:

  1. Premium Cost – $30,000+
  2. Standard Cost – $15,000 – $30,000
  3. Budget Cost – $5,000 – $15,000

So, decide which budget you’d go for to renovate your bathroom, and give it a new look. iCare Plumbing will be able to handle all the work for you from plumbing, electrical and carpentry. For further information on bathroom renovations, contact us today.

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